Liberians Must Reclaim Liberia

The feeling of being very proud of your Country and believing that it is better than other countries is what we need in Liberia. Liberia founded in 1822 and being the first black independent state in Africa since 1847, has been left behind by new nations-nations helped by the very Liberia to get their own independents.

Something will have to be done to save our country. The economy of this nation is solely in the hands of foreigners, especially people of the Arab and Indian communities. Their continued manipulation of our economy also continued to push our citizens in abject poverty. We must stand to the faces of our leaders that the time has come to stop the impoverishment of the citizens. We must begin to expose top officials who are in government and are using their official powers to protect so-called corrupt foreign investors.

The world must be told that we are Liberians-very proud Liberians, who are ready to take back our country from this backwardness. We can do by first taking back our economy-taking it from the hands of economic vampires. So-called investors who are using the almighty Dollar to enslave the minds and souls public officials must be halted. Government officials who front for these bad people must face the heat.

The time is now, or never. We must now start to put the feet of our government to the fire, making them to know that they are just leaders and not rulers.

The power of this nation belongs to the people and the power to move this nation forward is in our hands. This is while we are calling on all Liberians to wake up from their slumber and see what is happening around us-see the changes taking place everywhere in the world.

This nation is the only one that we have, while remembering that there is nowhere like home. Liberians must invest every dime to develop this nation-we must keep our country and make it better for habitation. Liberians themselves must fight corruption and desist from it and all other vices that have the tendency to divide us. Beginning now and up to the elections and beyond, we must utilize this opportunity to drive criminal government officials out of power and force their foreign collaborators to conform to our laws.

There must be something that drives us as Liberians-the exploitation of our natural resources and constant abuse of power by some government officials must be stopped. And that until Liberians develop the nationalistic spirit, our nation will continue to lack behind. This is our message to you-calling on all Liberians to reclaim Liberia Now.

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