VP Joseph Boakai Speaks Out

Responding to the reaffirmation of petition to contest the highest post of the country from the people of Lofa County at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium recently, Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai told the audience that his acceptance of their petition is not about the position or himself.

He stated that “This is about our country—its future, its stability, its respectability, its tranquility, and its forward move.”

He pointed out that the blood that runs through his veins does not know greed, undermining, cheating, envy, bigotry, corruption, hot temper, and selfishness.

But, sadly, he added, “these are the vices that besiege our country today. These are the tendencies we need to look out for as we make the critical choice on succession in leadership of this country.”

Many political “prophets” will today descend from the skies and roam around promising all the pies that you could ever wish for, he said.  But he told the audience that the PIES are in the SKY. They can never be available for your consumption.

VP Boakai urged Liberians to have sober evaluations of those who, just out of the blues, have today emerged as doctors for poverty, the nation’s number farmer, the one who loves Liberia most, and you name the rest.

Boakai: “The saying goes, SHINE YOUR EYES! Not all that glitters is gold. We have been in Liberia all these many years? Where were their specializations? Scrutinize track records. This is about changing course in Liberia, getting this country on the course of responsibility, honesty, care, and unreserved love for country.”

Yours is my assurance that your trust will never be betrayed, he noted, adding that “Ours is to submit ourselves to the will of our people and together seek your blessings”.

He assured the chiefs, elders, youth, and people of Lofa—that as he reaffirms his acceptance of the challenge thrown upon him, and promised  never to depart from those ethics and principles.

“So, today we are here in reverence and submission to the will of the people of our County as separately expressed in the districts at that time and then crowned by the joint one in Voinjama on Friday, May 22, 2015.”

“Let me thus express my profound delight at your assembly here today to further reinforce the position of our people. This assembly shows that Lofains are a friendly people and have thus made many friends.

“We recall fondly that the huge convergence in Lofa in May of 2015—reechoed by this huge one here today, started off with historic milestone much earlier in 2015. It was not a request; it was an order from my people.

He pointed out that he stood overwhelmed with humility when paramount chiefs from the then seven districts paid an unexpected visit at his residence to convey in direct terms the desire and urging of the people of the county as regard the 2017 general and presidential elections in our country.

VP Boakai stated that it was an honor that stuck to his heart and indicated that there it will continue to live for the rest of his life.

“It was so uplifting and I remain forever grateful. It is this gratitude that I pledge to demonstrate in the quality of my service to my people. Let it be known that I have served Lofa before; and faithfully too.”

The Liberian Vice President stated that the discussions and county tour that followed lifted his spirit so high and reinforced his faith and confidence in the people so deeply that he could not dare give “NO” as an answer.

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