Yahya Jammeh Betrayed

There is nothing like political loyalty in The Gambia. It is all about political interest and adventurism. Now outgoing dictator Yahya Jammeh, is being ditched by some of the folks he thinks would be there for him, for better or for worst. Deep into his heart, Jammeh felt betrayed. He is a broken man as we scribble this story. He couldn’t believe some of the stories of defection from his key political allies, now turned political apologists to the incoming opposition administration that Jammeh’s own enablers have branded all sorts of names during his twenty two years of  reign. Madam Jahumpa, is one of those who has chastised the opposition in the past calling them unpatriotic, greedy, and troublemakers.

It is interesting to note that one of Yahya Jammeh’s longtime loyalists and political enabler former House Speaker, and State House Press Secretary Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay, has disowned the Jammehs. Ms. Jahumpa has brought down her profile picture she had with the Jammehs on her Facebook page. She has also removed all pictures she had with the Jammehs on her page. Interesting, right? That’s Gambia. Political loyalty is alien.

The likes of FJC, as she is fondly called, embraced the Jammehs, when things were cool and dandy, but as soon as the chickens are coming home to roost, they started deserting the dictator. She manifested the same behavior after the fall of President Jawara, despite her close ties with one of Jawara’s wives. She used to play golf. and party with Jawara’s wife. Notwithstanding, she rallied support for the illegal junta regime, and threw the Jawaras under the bus.

FJC, is not alone in this last minute jumping from Jammeh’s sinking ship. We heard the likes of our half-baked and uneducated Gambian “Ambassador” to the United States Sheikh  Omar Faye, using the Jammeh political defeat to reinvent himself. Here is a guy, who told Gambians few months ago during a radio program with the Jammeh supporters based in the US, that he will never “jampfa” betray Jammeh, even during the times of difficulties. He used the wollof word “Mann Gorrla” to pledge his loyalty to Jammeh.

No one is trying to discount Omar’s move to ask Jammeh to facilitate the safe transfer of power. But we have problems with the way he is going about to projecting his image at the expense of Jammeh’s political miseries. Faye, was so disrespectful to a sister online radio, by trying to control or dictate the narrative of an interview he had with the said medium. A typical dictatorial attributes these former enablers inherited from their outgoing boss Jammeh. He used the interview to polish his discredited image. He pretended to be holy, and patriotic, when he knew for a fact that he is nothing but a certified enabler. He has been a turned coat and will always be one, no matter how hard he tries to rewrite history.

Coming back to the FJC story, we gathered that Ms. Jahumpa is planning to make a declaration soon to rally support for President Adama Barrow. That would be highly welcomed. But that doesn’t mean that we in the media cannot address the double standards of these political parasites running around town.

FJC campaigned for Jammeh during the just concluded elections. She should take responsibility for enabling a dictator all these years. We expect the same from Omar Faye. Period. We rest our case Gambia.

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All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.