Liberian Information Minister Threatens Journalist for Interviewing Opposition Lawmaker

The former Charles Taylor man is making headlines, as usual on the wrong side of history-threatening to dismiss a state radio Journalist for interviewing opposition lawmaker Moses Kollie.
Eugene Nagbe, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s information Minister is a former aide of former Liberian President Moses Blah, who replaced Taylor after he was forced out of power by rebel forces.Just after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf delivered her Annual Message Monday, Journalist Emmanuel Capehart of the Liberia Broadcasting System decided to interview some officials of Government to get their reactions on the Liberian leader message.
The President announced that she would submit to the Legislature for consideration a bill seeking to decriminalize the violation of the right to freedom of expression and to repeal certain sections of the Penal Law of 1978 and People’s Redemption Council Decree 88A.
Capehart’s attempt to get a reaction from Rep. Moses Kollie angered Information Minister Eugene Nagbe.
Minister Nagbe, also secretary-general of the ruling Unity Party, rebuked the reporter with abuses that shocked Rep. Kollie and several journalists on the scene.
Rep. Kollie is the chairman of the opposition Liberia People’s Democratic Party headed by former Speaker Alex Tyler, who joined the Coalition for Democratic Change.
Nagbe threatened to dismiss the Journalist if he did not abandon the interview. Those on the scene quoted Nagbe as saying that the radio coverage for the president’s message was paid for by government and not the opposition.
Nagbe’s action against the Journalist has been condemned in many quarters in the country, with human rights lawyer Tiawon Gonglo threatening to sue him if he went ahead with his threat of dismissal.
The Liberian Information Minister has a tainted image, especially with his role with Charles Taylor’s government. Nagbe is amongst several Taylorists who defended human rights violation and the mayhem and destruction carried out by the rebel NPFL.

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