Note of Correction Madam President!

In her recent state of the Nation Address to the National Legislature Monday, which is actually her last, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said, “In our first two years in office, we took two major steps as demonstration of our commitment to move our country from an over-centralized, personalized system of governance. In 2006, I took the Oath of Office here, on these Capitol Grounds. In 2007, I introduced the County Development Fund and called for rotational celebration of Independence Day in the counties. These were firsts in the history of our country, and were meant to demonstrate commitment to a decentralized governance system that allowed participation of the representatives of the people, and the people themselves, in decisions and the establishment of priorities that affect their lives.The Liberian leader further told the National Legislature: “We have gone one step further. We have established County Service Centers in four counties, through which an increasing range of public services, such as birth certificates, driver licenses, business registrations, marriage licenses and other documents, are being provided, making it unnecessary for citizens and business people to travel to Monrovia for that purpose. I will be commissioning three additional Centers in the northeast and two more in the southeast early next month. Before this administration ends, there will be fully operational Service Centers in all fifteen counties.”
She also stated: “As proven in our fight against the virus, unleashing the productive talents, skills and initiatives of the people of local communities is the best strategy for deepening our democracy and sustaining our development. The economic improvement of local communities must go hand in hand with the deepening of democratic participation.
Your action is now required. The passage of the Local Government Act will provide firm basis for the establishment of a system of local government such that the prerogatives of governance are no longer left to the discretion of the President, thus making it difficult for a non-supportive President to reverse the democratic and participatory gains that have been made by local communities.”
But for the records, these are all fallacious assertions by the Liberian President and if she had checked her facts, she wouldn’t dare mention them in her state of the nation address.
For those who were not around in the 1970s and 80s, the rotational Independence Celebration was first started by President William R. Tolbert, Jr. and this policy was continued by President Samuel Kanyon Doe.
More besides, the County Development Funds policy could have been commendable had her brother who was the Minister of Internal Affairs at the time not stolen most of the funds intended for the actual development of the counties.
The general Auditing Commission (GAC) under the leadership of John Morlu investigated and found out that Ambullai Johnson used his position as Minister of Internal Affairs and brother of the President to chop some of the CDF. This was the Reasons for which he was sacked as Minister of Internal Affairs by his very sister and president of the Republic of Liberia. Not only that, the Negbalee Warner Presidential Committee also booked Mr. Ambullai Johnson for his link to the Carbon Credit Scandal.
But the Liberia President did nothing to prosecute him. He fled the country, died later in the US and was brought home for burial and given state funeral.
If the intention of the CDF was actually intended to make local people make decision on the development of their areas, why did Minister Ambuallai Johnson force local government officials to buy construction materials from a particular store on the Capitol Byepass in Monrovia? If the President was really serious to fight corruption as stated in her state of the Nation address, why didn’t she prosecute her brother Ambullai for the looting of the CDF?
It’s very embarrassing that the Liberian President would continue to mislead Liberians even at the dying minutes of her administration. Thus suggests that she’s actually out of ideas and answers in dealing with the corruption virus in the country.

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All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.