Celebrated Abroad, Vilified At Home

-The Contrasting Story of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
-As 3-Day Strike Which Shut Liberia Ends
By Reuben Kollie-Concord Times’ Reporter
Thanks to all of the leaders of ECOWAS, but particularly to President Sirleaf because it was under her leadership that a potentially explosive situation was peacefully resolved”, Out-going AU Commission Chairperson Zuma told the AU Assembly of Heads of State and Government amidst huge applause from the audience recently. Madam Zuma noted that President Sirleaf is a pioneer and inspiration to women and men of the world particularly the women of Africa as the first ever elected female President on the African continent. But while she was being showered with praises in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia President Sirleaf was being vilified back home as the country was shut down in a 3-day strike organized by Liberia businesses.All commercial activities in Liberia, mostly in Monrovia were halted as business people protested against high tariff and other taxes placed on goods.
Protesters of what they called “bad economic policies” of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government gathered at the National Legislature for the three days telling lawmakers to revise high tariff placed on goods.
They protesters castigated the government and its leaders, terming “Thieves”, who only intention is to inflict untold suffering on the masses.

Business shut in Monrovia as a result of strike action

Business shut in Monrovia as a result of strike action

The protesters accused President Sirleaf of benefiting from huge taxes placed on goods while the ordinary citizens go hungry, pointing out that she’s careless about the plight of Liberians because she was exiting government.
Some of the protesters told this paper that after president Sirleaf she have left powder, they will demand she and all those linked to the exploitation of the country be prosecuted. The indicated that it was her bad economic policies that plunged the country into bankruptcy.

Video of the day

All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.