Veteran Liberian Educator and Female Advocate Dies at 88

Another eminent stateswoman has fallen. She was a mother and a mentor. She was a true reflection of women’s advocacy across Liberia and Africa. Indeed, our nation has lost a genuine voice and a veteran educator. This loss is too difficult to bear. She was a symbol of hope, audacity and inspiration for most women and girls. Her stance on issues was daring and uncompromising. Liberia has truly lost a woman of wisdom and virtue. Her legacy will forever remain a cherished epitome of our history.
Surely, she impacted many lives through her impeccable lifestyle. She was a patriot of integrity and benevolence – A character of values and ideals. We will always miss Mother Mary N. Brownell. Without doubt, she was the mother of our nation.
During this week and beyond, Liberians especially women and girls must begin to reflect on the great legacy and march in the enviable imprints of Mother Brownell’s outstanding lifestyle. If our country could have just 20 Mary Brownells, violence against women and girls would be a story of the past.
We want to extend our sincere sympathy to Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh and Ambassador Miatta Fahnbulleh for this loss. During this time of grief and mourning, we are standing with you.

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All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.