Natives Must Win, Too

-Seequeh Says Presidency Not Devine Right For Only Settlers
A Liberian Journalist and political Analyst says the pending presidential election in Liberia must be won by a native candidate. Mr. Sherman Seequeh did not say which of the native candidates.
Mr. Seequeh said from 1847 to 1980, the Americo-Liberian oligarchs or the Settlers served in all three branches of Government in the country-they were presidents for that period, as they were also legislators and judicial officials, and even private lawyers for foreign companies in the period. He pointed out that Liberia or whatever it was called before 1822 fell to the settlers’ exclusive property and that the natives became the strangers on their land whom the settlers had to progressively accommodate in a rationing fashion over time, restoring or conferring upon the indigenous people their citizenship and the rights that come with it at the settler’s volition and choice.
According to him, the natives since then have not had such an opportunity to serve Liberia in such a manner and form—mainly the opportunity to serve as the Chief Executive save for the less than ten-year period of Samuel Doe which he said was turned into a nightmare at the behest and patronage of the deposed hegemony that desperately shot its way back to their ‘Sweet Land of Liberty’.
Mr. Seequeh said that one of the main reasons for his argument is that the Liberian presidency is not a giveaway—and a divine right—for one demographic group of Liberians—particularly a modicum of the population.
He stated that the Americo-Liberians served in the post for 133 years adding that the only lull came for just ten years- the period of President Doe.  And again, he continued since 1997, the Americo-Liberians have returned, one after the other, as if they carry some kind of gene or DNA or social status that make them the only group that others Liberians must look up to for presidential leadership.
Mr. Sherman writing in a commentary released to this paper recently said as we speak, “they have mutated all over the political landscape pretending they are different and distinct, when they are one and the same.”
Sherman said the forefathers of these Americo-Liberians sucked every drop of juice out of this Liberia, leaving it almost barren and arid with no tangibles to commensurate with colossal wealth nature has bequeathed the country.
He noted that they amassed public money in building private homes that they turn over to Government to rent and do farm on the land and take their treasuries away.
Sherman stated that for them to control and dominant the natives, the Americo-Liberians send their children to schools abroad; stuff them with enough high education so that the children succeed them in the quest for perpetual political and economic domination.
He stated it’s the wealth and education brandished all over the place and acquired at the disadvantage of the masses of the people that the progenies of the settler hegemony propagate the tactics of silence and misrepresentation over Congo-Native debate.
He indicated that the same Congo people turn heads around and make it appear that this particular topic should be a no-go area; that it should be a taboo subject, adding that lingering under the tactics of intellectual bully, to which many Liberian natives have fallen dumb.
We are the simmering whispers and gigglings in the corners of Arthington, Louisiana, Bentol and other settlements, saying in effect, “We got those Country People again.
“We’re not fools to let them take the presidency. They can take their Legislature and fight amongst themselves like crabs in the bucket over the scrums.”
Mr. Sherman says all agree that the intractable problems facing Liberia don’t know a particular ethnic group at the Executive Mansion.
He states that this debate equally goes to the fact that Liberia’s intractable problems don’t expect that all long—from one electoral period to another—requires only—and only—an offspring of the “pioneers” of less than five percent of the population to sit at the Executive Mansion and repeating it over and over, adding that It would even be an understatement to say fairness requires that the majority native must also sit at the helm of power—at the Executive Mansion too.  “Am I suggesting that Americo-Liberians are not Liberians? No.

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