“Don’t Neglect Agriculture,” CARI DG Urges Compatriots

The Director General of the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) has challenged Liberians to take agriculture seriously to enhance the development of their country.
Dr. Walter T. Wiles observed that agriculture, which is the first line of defense in the health system when it comes to nutrition, has been neglected over the years.Dr. Wiles made the statement Wednesday at a one-day discussion on Managing Risks to Improve Farmers’ Livelihood organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Platform for Agriculture Risk Management held at local hotel in Monrovia.
He noted that Liberians take agriculture for granted in managing risks that are associated with farming, noting that it should be the responsibility of all stakeholders, including banks.
He explained that although 70 percent of the Liberian population depends on agriculture, they are finding it difficult to produce enough food as a result of the several risks factors.
Dr. Wiles emphasized that Liberia should make policies that will address risk management in the agriculture sector, noting that farming is associated with several risk factors which are beyond the farmer’s control. LINA

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