Angry ‘Killer Bean’ Drivers Storm LNP Headquarters

A conglomeration of drivers, under the banner Yelow ‘Bus Driver Association’ has stormed the Liberia National Police Headquarters in Monrovia, demanding the LNP to provide security for their buses. Yellow Buses are commonly referred to as ‘Killer Bean’ because of their reckless style driving in the city.
Speaking in separate interviews with our reporter, the angry drivers said their demand is in respond to the constant burning of their vehicles by reckless and angry motorcyclists.    The head of the drivers, Ayoubah Donzo said on Monday, July 3, 2017, angry rioters predominantly motorcyclists burnt a 97 – seated commercial bus along the Somalia Drive after the bus reportedly killed a motorcyclist.
He said following the incidents, angry motorcyclists went amok; they chased the bus driver and set the bus ablaze.
According to him, the Monday July 3, 2017 incident was the third in a series, something he said they have resolved to pack their buses until they can be protected by the government.
He recalled that in early 2015, two yellow buses were set ablaze by angry motorcyclists on grounds that a commercial bus has killed a rider in an accident, within the Chicken Soup Factory and Stephen Tolbert Estate area.
“We are here at the Police station to tell the police that enough is enough. We cannot be doing our business and few people here spoiling it. If our cars are involved into accident, we think we should allow the Police to investigate the accident, and not for other people to start burning our properties,” he said in a rather angry mood.
He added that they have resolved to pack their buses until the Liberia National Police can give them assurance that their buses will be fully protected.
For his part, Morris Keita, another driver said their decision to go to the LNP headquarters is intended to avoid conflict, stressing that conflict or violence is never the way to solving conflict.
“This is the third time. We are paying taxes and our businesses are not protected. We have resolved not to put our buses on the streets until the police deploy along the Somalia Drive. And they should give us guarantee that it will not happen again. We cannot go and buy one bus for US$30,000 and within a second someone burns it down,” he emphasized.
Meanwhile, following several hours of closed door negotiation with the Police, Deputy Police     Commissioner for Public Safety, Meekie Gray assured the aggrieved drivers that the police will put into place appropriate measures aimed at preventing reoccurrence of the incidence.
As part of the police initial steps, he informed the drivers  that drivers that the police will deploy a contingent of riot police officers along the Somalia Drive. He said the LNP will also ensure that the restricted zone set aside as a no go zone for motorcyclists are fully adhered to.

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All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.