‘Talk And Do’ Promises More For Liberia

The man who is considered as ‘Talk and Do,’ in the Liberian politics, Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), has promised to provide improve equality healthcare system, better education system as well as working to widen nation’s economy so as to better the living condition of Liberians.Speaking to scores of supporters at the jam-packed Antoinette Tubman Stadium, (ATS), in Monrovia, during the party’s campaign launch, Cummings said if elected President of Liberia, his regime will address issue surrounding the huge unemployment in the country, and also transform Liberia by creating job opportunities, invest in agricultural sector to make Liberia make feed herself and ensure a sound education and healthcare system.
He told his partisans that he will provide seeds and other tools to support farmers become more productive to feed the country, and further said Liberians deserve better after 170 years of existence and promised to ensure good roads throughout the country while investing in farmers’ welfare by taking those roads and power (electricity) to them.
Touching on Liberia’s healthcare delivery system, the ANC political leader vowed to invest in the Country’s   system for all to benefit and frowned on people especially the rich getting good health care by seeking treatment abroad.
On corrupt fight, Cummings assured his zealous supporters that he will tackle corruption at all level of the Liberian society, and promised not to listen to people who are in the habit of pleading for corruption officials whenever they are being prosecuted for their corrupt crimes, stressing, “We got to get rid of corruption at all cos.”
He said to actualize this, his administration will publicly give full financial and logistical support to institution’s statuary set-up to fight corruption to make them properly function as required by law.
The colorful occasion which saw the stadium painted with national colors (red, white and blue), saw ANC supporters jubilating as their Standard Bearer, Cummings urged them to vote Tomorrow Tuesday so that the party can win the election on a first round.

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All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.