Weah Rocks Monrovia

-In A Star-Studded Rally At ATS
-As Liberians Go To the Polls Tomorrow
Thousands turned out for Senator George Weah’s star-studded rally in Monrovia three days before election. The soccer legend brought some heavy-hitters to Monrovia in his final appeal to voters.
Congolese Soukus singer, dancer, producer, and composer Koffi Olomide, Ghana based Liberian own Nollywood actor Van Vicker and Deng paraded with the CDC Standard Bearer in principle streets of Monrovia while interjecting their support for the presidency of Amb. Weah.The Coalition for Democratic Change nominee for the Executive Mansion was joined by his wife Clar and Vice Standard Bearer, Bong County Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor.
It was a strong showing of solidarity on Friday evening in battleground Montserrado County where every vote could mean the difference between winning and losing as the polls in the county shows Weah indisputably as the frontrunner in the last few days.
“This is the man that turned an ordinary Acarous Gray to an honorable lawmaker,” said District #9 representative Munah Pelham during her introduction of Senator Weah to the podium.
“What the cynics and the pundits don’t know is that I own the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS); this place will always be my turf because I made history here as a soccer player,” Weah said as he took to the microphone. “On Tuesday, I want you to go out in the numbers and vote for me so together we can “Change for Hope” because I do believe we can build a better Liberia together.”
The turnout was the biggest political rally the country has ever seen in its history. The entire Monrovia was completely locked down. There were thousands of voters and supporters trooping from every part of the city to the ATS from the Bushrod Island belt to the Barnersville belt to the Red Light and Paynesville, and to the Robertsfield Highway zone. According to pundits, CDC pulled over 150,000 supporters on Friday in an unprecedented manner to showcase its efforts to win this election in the first round on October 10th.
Friday night for Weah was all about energizing his base and getting out the votes in Montserrado County and the surrounding suburbs. Weah was on message and remained hopeful throughout the night. Not mincing words, he took some jabs at one of his opponents, Vice President Joseph Boakai and repeated President Sirleaf’s recent comment that Liberia belongs to a younger generation.
On Saturday, Weah took rounds in Kakata, where the vice standard bearer of the ruling Unity Party comes from. And then on Sunday, Weah toured the various electoral districts as if he was adding the icing to the cake. People ran everywhere he went, chanting his name: “Weah, Weah and Weah.”
All the CDC top man has been doing Sunday is rallying Monrovians to come out in full and vote for number 17. He is number 17 on the ballot papers.
He earlier told sellers at the Nancy Doe Jorkpan Town market that history was about to be made as number 17 on the ballot papers was about to be elected in 2017.
He added that only bad people fear change but told his supporters that change was inevitable in Liberia.
Weah said it was a dawn of a new day-a day that Liberians will be set free from the dungeon of corruption and criminality-a day Liberians will see what real change is, he told another political gathering on Sunday.

Video of the day

All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.