ALP Wants Election Re-Run

The All Liberian Party (ALP) is demanding a re-run of the October 10 elections under the leadership of a new National Elections Commission (NEC), whose Chairman and Board Members will be more competent and impartial.
ALP in a statement signed by it National Chairman Secretary General David Kiamu and National Chairman Theodore Momo, Jr. said “We are drawn to this determination by virtually the same inclination of other political parties who have suffered afflictions, as the All Liberian Party.”In furtherance, the party said it is imperative that this matter reaches all relevant authorities. “We believe that we must stop at no length that the sacred rights of Liberians, as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, we remain inviolate, even if necessary, the temporary suspension of the Constitution.”
In this instance, the party points out that “Poll observers of the All Liberian Party and several political parties have recorded their dissatisfaction in the placement of the observers being six (6) feet or more away from the counting process, where they could not authenticate the announced winning candidate by the counting officer, in some instances, or the lack of adequate light to permit an independent determination of the ballots.
ALP also states that other alleged criminal irregularities have also been exposed by observers, particularly in Saclepea, Nimba County, where officials of the NEC were caught stuffing pre-marked ballot papers, in favor of a pre-determined  presidential candidate; which resulted in the arrest of said staff by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and thereafter, under investigation, confessed to said crime.
ALP also says that in yet another venue, specifically District #6, Montserrado County where the counting process was conducted unprofessionally, by constant repetition of ballot papers being announced as “the same”.
“This violation of transparency heightened concerns by the voters, which went unattended. (Video evidence is at the ready for viewing), said the opposition party.
At many polling centers, ALP states, ballot boxes were brought in late, which precipitated in the lateness of the polling process, in some instances by five hours, and caused the elderly, breast-feeding mothers and thousands of other registered voters to depart the site and, thereby, denying them the privilege of exercising their franchise and Constitutional rights.
A salient violation of the Elections Laws of the Republic of Liberia resulted when polling stations did not open at the stipulated time, it added, and insisted that extending time not accorded those who were already in the queue to vote at the closing hour.
ALP further states that “Countless voters were dismissed at precincts on the basis that their names and photos could not be found on the voters’ roll, which constitutes a gross violation of their Constitution rights.”
By NEC’s stipulation, each polling center should have 500 registered voters, but it has been exposed that, during tallying exercises more than that number was discovered, according to the statement.
In many instances,  the party notes that it was observed, even by international observer missions that NEC agents were poorly  recruited and trained and, therefore, demonstrated serious incompetence which resulted into the glaring failure to perform their sacred duty.
“In conclusion, and on the basis of the discrepancies outlined herein and other violations we are compelling, we are of the strangest conviction that the lowest vote count accorded the ALP in counties where the ALP enjoyed popular support, were at the instance of the irregularities carried out by the National Elections Commission and/ or its agents”

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All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.