NEC Nullifies 85,000 Votes

The National Elections Commission of Liberia (NEC) says it has nullified almost 85,000 votes during counting of ballot papers during the just ended elections.
The nullification is due to wrong marking of preferred candidates on the ballot papers by electorates during voting.
If NEC’s claim is correct, this very alarming almost 85,000 is a combined votes of two small counties in the Southeast of Liberia.The nullified votes excludes the hundreds of Liberians who were either turned away by poll workers for not having their names on the voter roster or those who left the queue because of frustration caused by untrained NEC workers assigned at the polling stations.
Insiders at NEC say most of the votes nullified came from the Southeastern region.
Some politicians are beginning to challenge this claim by NEC calling on them to show in public these nullified ballots.
If the claim is true, according to some political commentators, it is a result of the alleged ineptitude of NEC officials.
According to them, sufficient public awareness was not done by the NEC which may have caused this kind of disenfranchisement during these important elections in the country.

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