Supreme Court Halts Run-off Vote Until NEC Hears Fraud Claim

The Supreme Court of Liberia on Monday ruled to halt a presidential run-off vote scheduled for Tuesday November 7, until the electoral commission investigates claims of fraud in the Oct. 10 first round poll.
Former football player George Weah was set to run off against Vice President Joseph Boakai, but third-place candidate Charles Brumskine issued a formal complaint about widespread irregularities during the poll, delaying the second round vote. It can be recalled that Brumskine, the Standard Bearer of the Liberty Party accused the National Elections Commission of  stealing his party’s votes in favor of the ruling Unity Party.
The opposition All Liberia Party of Beneno Urey also made claim of fraud the first round vote.
Ironically, the ruling party which the Liberty Party accused of taking its votes later formed an alliance with the LP and the ALP to press for investigation of fraud at the Supreme Court.
Our reporter who covered the Supreme Court ruling says, the court upheld the prohibition until the NEC hears the Liberty complaint.
Already, NEC during a press conference recently, rejected the claim by Brumskine and his party. NEC chairman Jerome Korkoya said LP had tried to allegedly falsify evidence of fraud against the elections agency.
Cllr. Korkoya explained that Liberty Party had dug out sample ballot papers which were buried and tried to use them as evidence in its case at the Supreme Court.
In the meantime, tension is rising in the country in wake of the court ruling. Pro-CDC Liberians are suspecting alleged plans to halt a George Weah victory in the elections, warning that of serious consequences.
Various Liberian radio talk shows are engulfed with people liken the Liberian situation with the one in the Ivory Coast, where President Laurent Gbargbo refused to accept defeat.
Some Liberians have threatened to use people power to install Weah as president if the delay caused by legal technicalities continues.

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All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.