By Patrick S. Tokpah
The Foundation for International Dignity, FIND in collaboration with the New Life Foundation has safely removed vulnerable youths commonly called “Zogos” occupying the Methodist Mission compound and burned the area.

The Foundation for International Dignity (FIND) is a pro-democracy and human Rights organization working to promote peace, good governance, the rule of law and access to justice in Liberia.

FIND was established in 2002 as a regional organization to respond to the growing human rights concerns of Liberian refugees.

The organization later registered in Liberia as a non-for-profit national organization in October, 2003 following the end of the civil war in the Country.

In an interview with reporters following the exercise, FIND’s Acting Executive Director, Aaron GV Juaquellie said the action was meant to safely evacuate the zogos from the bush after the Liberian National Police, Bong Detachment has planned to raid the area.

He said it was also meant to save the lives of the vulnerable youths in the area.
But since, he has come under barrage of criticisms from citizens of Gbarnga who complained of their properties being taken away by those very youths who are being protected by Aaron through FIND.
The citizens wondered why FIND woudl decide to protect people who vandalize residents’ homes and sometimes wound them for their own properties,

The angry citizens want Aaron and FIND to be reasonable in their advocacy as citizens are constantly living in fear due to repeated attack by these zogos in the communities.

Speaking to our reporter in Bong County several residents explained that currently zogos that were removed from the Methodist Mission are attacking residents of Gbarnga at will.

“Before the guys use to attack us in the night time but since they were removed by the Foundation for International Dignity, we have attack on several occasions including the morning and afternoon hours” the angry citizens added.

Recently several communities in Gbarnga came under heavy attack early Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Many of the victims who received cutlass and bullet wounds explained that the robber, armed with machetes and deadly weapons, allegedly broke into their homes and made away with several valuables and cash.

The citizens want the Bong security apparatus to institute measures to put an immediate end to the wave of criminal activities in Gbarnga.

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All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.