Liberia: COP Chairman demystifies mysterious death of politician-Accuses former President Johnson-Sirleaf of killing him

A leaked audio released on a local FM radio in Liberia Tuesday, appears to demystify the shocking death of veteran Liberian politician, Harry Greaves Jr. Greaves is a former managing director of the Liberia oil refinery. The audio explained the Liberian government alleged link and by extension, the involvement of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to his death.

Mr. Greaves was a closed confidante of former president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf dating back to the early 1980s but broke away at the end of the Nobel laureate’s presidential tenure for unexplained reasons.

Mr. Greaves was found dead on a beach near the offices of the Liberian president with official government investigation suggesting he died from drowning.

But Monrovia went silent early Tuesday morning when a local radio-Freedom FM, released an audio in which a voice which appeared to be that of the chairman of the opposition Council of Patriots (COP), the controversial Henry Costa was heard telling a colleague how Mr. Greaves was allegedly ordered killed by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and attempts by several confidantes of the former president including top security officials and fixers scheming to cover the killing.

The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government has never requested or carry out any official investigation into the mysterious death of the Liberian politician which it said occurred at the RLJ Kendeja Resort beach on the Roberts International Airport highway, except by declaring that Greaves got drowned on the hotel’s beach.

RLJ Kendeja Resort has an active CCTV camera, but management of the hotel according to media reports at the time, claimed the CCTV camera malfunction and could not substantiate whether Greaves actually entered the hotel facilities.

Liberians were flabbergasted Tuesday, when a voice which appears to be that of Henry Costa on the leaked audio, telling one of his friends how Greaves was killed and how the Secretary General of the Mano River Union (MRU), an organization comprising Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Liberia, Mrs. Madina Wesseh was in the full front of destroying evidence and attempting to manipulate Greaves’ autopsy report.

The MRU Secretary General at the time of Greaves’ death was the chief aide and fixer of President Johnson-Sirleaf.

Costa was heard telling his friend that two assassins were brought into the country-one a Nigerian male and the other, a white man to kill Greaves. He alleged that Greaves who had just arrived from the United States, was about to return to the states to testify in the Tom Woewiyu war crimes trial in which he was supposed to state the role President Johnson-Sirleaf allegedly played in the Liberian civil crisis.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was the head of the Association of Constitutional Democracy in Liberia (ACDL), an organization that allegedly raised funds from American tax payers and founded the Charles Taylor’s bloody rebellion.

Tom Woewiyu is a former Charles Taylor defense minister living in the US. He was arrested and is being held and prosecuted with war crimes related charges.

Costa stated on the audio that the government brought in the assassins to kill Greaves as means of stopping his testimonies against Madam Johnson-Sirleaf in the trial in the US court.

Costa alleged in the audio that Greaves who was a martial artist with a black belt, managed to kill one of the assassins and injured the second who was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

In the audio, the COP chairman disclosed that he hosted a man on his radio talk-show in which he misled his audience to believe that the host was a professional pathologist.
Costa disclosed that the purported pathologist, few hours after the show, received a phone call from president Johnson-Sirleaf’s fixer, Madina Wesseh requesting to do an analysis of Greaves autopsy and make the report conform to what the government wanted.

The mysterious death of Harry A. Greaves, Jr., former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), came as a tremendous shock to many as his naked body was discovered early Sunday morning, January 31, 2016, on the beach behind the offices of the Liberian president.

Confirming the death of Mr. Greaves following a Police Crime Service Division (CSD) investigation, Police Spokesperson Sam Collins told journalists in an interview that Mr. Greaves’ wife, Mrs. Precious Andrews Greaves, identified the body as that of her husband. Based on her confirmation Police can tell the public that: “The body found on the beach Sunday morning is that of Mr. Harry Greaves; nothing more, nothing less.”

Local media reported twist in the mysterious and shocking death of Harry A. Greaves Jr. Because he and his wife were separating, Harry was in the process of moving into the home of a relative in Thinker’s Village, off the Robertsfield Highway.

Then at about 1 a.m. Sunday, security officers of the house in which Harry was to move said that four cars with tinted windows drove to the gate and asked for “a visitor named Greaves,” who was supposed to be staying in the house.

The security responded that Mr. Greaves was not present, so the cars drove off without entering the property. Who were the occupants of the four cars, and what was their mission? Why had they chosen to come looking for Mr. Greaves so late into the night? Had he made an appointment with anyone for that hour of the morning?

These and other questions and how are the four cars linked to Harry’s death have yet to be answered.

In his concluding statement on Sunday, Collins said the Police was still investigating Mr. Greaves’ death; failing to give any information about the condition of the corpse.

The corpse was already placed in a body bag when Police called reporters to the scene.

However, images viewed from reliable sources showed that there were bruises on the stomach and skull of the deceased, with areas of his face red as if scarred from burning.

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All Liberia Party Standard Bearer Benoni Urey speaking to media executives at his residence in Careysburg.