After Costa’s Arrest in Sierra Leone, Liberian Govt. Refutes Claims of Threat on the COP Chairman’s Life

The Executive Mansion dismissed allegations by the chairman of the Council of Patriots (COP) Henry Costa and insinuations in the public space that the Government of Liberia has threatened his life.

The Executive Mansion in a statement released in Monrovia today says the Government of Liberia headed by Dr. George Manneh Weah respects the sanctity of human life and the fundamental rights of people and would always do everything to protect all citizens and foreigners within its borders without discrimination.

Over the last 24 months, the Government has always demonstrated extreme tolerance by providing security for dissenting and agitating citizens and will continue to do so within the confines of the laws in the coming years, according to the statement.

The statement added that while the Government of Liberia has no means to regulate public opinions, particularly those placed on social media pages, it would like to encourage citizens to desist from making inflammatory statements that have the potential to undermine the security of the state and endanger the lives of the people.

At the same time, top government sources in Liberia says Liberia and Sierra Leone authorities are discussing on how to repatriate the COP chairman back to Liberia.

Costa was arrested yesterday at the Lungi Airport while attempting to board a Brussels Airline for the United States.

Henry Costa escape from Liberia and travelled to Sierra Leone. He was prevented from boarding a plane headed for Paris, from where he was to connect to the US, sources said.
They added that he was called in for questioning by immigration officials and later held at a police station at the airport town of Lungi.

Costa had been under investigation for the authenticity of the traveling document he used to enter Liberia in December last year.

The Liberian police claimed he wasn’t cooperating with the investigation when he decided to leave the country via Freetown.

Reports about his arrest in Sierra Leone also indicate that he was being interrogated about the document he used to enter into the country through land border.

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