Investigation Exposes Sierra Leone President in Sale of Seabed “GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECK” Reports-Is Liberia Reading?

Following the liberation of the State House Intelligence Unit archives whose content details the reversals of democracy, and destroying the security sector, hard-fought, reforms of the past 20 years, within the appalling files dated May 2018 to Q1 of 2020, emerges the evidence of an unholy triumvirate, or grouping, that is State House, the Petroleum Directorate and Getech-ERCL ( &

Sierra Leone’s prosperity, in a large part, rests on how well we utilize our natural resources including our potential vast wealth that is oil and gas including that in our sea awaiting extraction.

According to our findings, the knee on the necks of our people, in the context of being fleeced of our natural resources, is the above grouping, who spin deals in London, UK, to advantage their grouping, divide up our seabed – that is Sierra Leone’s future generations’ economic security – whilst expanding and nudging upwards their AIM London stock exchange values.

The foundational alchemy is quite simple: you put in place in Sierra Leone at the supposed economic nerve centre that is the Petroleum Directorate, a Russian-educated Sierra Leonean, Mr. Kabba, who has been tutored by one of Russia’s most scandal-prone companies – Lukoil whose fortunes are derived in a great part from our 3 ECOWAS neighbour states. Now, put Mr. Kabba, who reports to the president, together with London’s geoscience oil and gas gymnast that is Mr. Jonathan Copus of Getech-ERCL and you have the foundation of a very profitable arrangement – that neglects, in totality, the people of Sierra Leone.

The absence of published data of deals done behind our peoples’ backs, the co-opting of economic programmes of post-Brexit endeavours cynically in our development, as the UK-Africa investment paradigm and the rehearsals of dramaturgy that includes the old extractive industry actors as Cluff and Michael Spencer are the suffocating knees on our necks. Full stop.

Cowering under Covid-19, the people of Sierra Leone have been dealt the finishing blow of a deal that excludes all of us. We see that the entire sierra leone sea from Liberia to Guinea and outwards, has been carved up like the 1896 scramble for Africa into neo-colonial administered blocks to benefit AIM-listed UK companies, the Office of the President and foreign, post-Brexit, visionary economic revivalist concepts. Yes, our laws and the UN Law of the Sea means nothing.

Now if transparency is to be served, why do we sit semi-comatose, with knees on our necks whilst our sea bed blocks 23,24,25,36,37,38,39,54,55,56,57,74, 75 are handed – without discussion, to and with our people – to Tom, Dick and Julius?

For example, how were conversations constructed by State House with our contractor-advisers Getech-ERCL that sees them agreeing with their deal-salivating clients Mr. Cluff and House-of-Lords-UK hopeful, Mr. Spencer, to demands that the President’s Bonthe – Sherbro axis District benefit from the deal – or else, no deal?

Why do we, the oppressed, exploited and dispossessed Sierra Leoneans have to tolerate our seas cut up as block 94 and block 95 right outside the president’s homeland in the southern part of our country?

How do the expensive UK advisers Getech-ERCL puppet-masters, packaging our seabed oil and gas potentiality suddenly realise at the closure of a deal with Cluff-Spencer, that 150 km from their client interest blocks: 23,24,25,36,37,38,39,54,55,56,57,74 and 75 – all in the Freetown seaboard area, – there exists – suddenly – an alchemy of potentiality that is a golden opportunity, sub sea, coincidentally on the president’s birthplace, doorstep, Tihun, which must be included for contract closure by the geosciences card-dealing dynamics of the unholy triumvirate?

For God’s sake – get off our necks …now now now!

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