Liberian Government Announces arrival of huge quantity of rice into the Country

In wake of reports of shortage of rice in the country, the Liberian Government has announced the arrival of eighteen metric tons of rice via the Free port of Monrovia.

Rice is the staple food for Liberians and in recent days, it has been difficult to get the commodity on the local market causing panic amongst residents with rumors that the product has run out of stock.

But the Government has dispelled the rumors, indicating that dealers were hoarding the commodity.

The government announced that a vessel, currently on the waters of Guinea, is bringing several metric tons of rice imported by the United Commodities Incorporated (UCI).

Commerce Inspector General, Josephine Davis, made the disclosure Friday, July 10, 2020, in an ELBC interview.

Inspector Davis said:” The eighteen metric tons of rice arrived on board the SWART Vessel.”

Madam Davis maintained that there is no shortage of rice in the Country, and accused rice sellers of hoarding the commodity to create artificial shortage.

Meanwhile, two persons have been arrested and undergoing investigation by Commerce Authorities for hiking the price of rice on the Liberian market

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