Senator Dillon Threatens to end George Weah’s Presidency if…

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon has threatened to remove President George Manneh Weah from power, if he attempt to cheat in the upcoming mid-term Senatorial elections in Liberia.

Senator Dillon said any effort by the Liberian leader to manipulate the electoral process, will be very bad for him, because, he would definitely not end his tenure.

Speaking on a local radio talk-show yesterday, the opposition senator alleged that everywhere he went in the country, he hears news of the ruling party spending lot of money to lure citizens to vote for them.

He gave a Biblical story of Zacchaeus, whom he said, as a tax collector, used taxpayers’ money to do good.

Senator Dillon continued that when time came, and when Jesus met Zacchaeus, he told him to give away all that he has amassed. And then, according to Dillon, Zacchaeus started to do good by giving back money and other wealth that he had stolen from the people.

In the case of Liberia, Senator Dillon alleged that the money the ruling party is spending on the people, was stolen from the very people they claimed to be helping.

He also alleged that money being spent around the country by officials of the CDC, is that of the missing 16 Billion Liberian Dollars.

Even though, International auditors have investigated and found out that no such thing happened in Liberia, the Montserrado County Senator insist that such money cannot be spent by the ruling party, if they didn’t get it from steeling.

He repeated that the money is from the stolen 16 Billion Liberian Dollars container alleged being kept at the homes of ruling party officials.

He enumerated a number of people, he claimed spent big in past elections in the country, but were not elected.

Senator Dillon warned President Weah that he will not end his tenure if he dare played with the mid-term senatorial elections results, adding, “It will not be easy on him”

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